Ultra 1 Color with Skin Prep

Rich Mahogany Color to apply The Day Of Competiton. The Darkest Tan Possible!

USD $39.99

JanTana® Ultra 1 Color

Dark Mahogany Color to be applied on the Day Of Contest. Defines & Enhances Physique. Perfect for all skin types. The Winning Color of Olympia Champions! Dries on contact, Does Not rub off or stain most clothing.

Before tanning, stand on a towel to catch any overspray. To Airbrush, pour Color into airbrush cup.

Week Of CompetitionUse Jan Tana Skin Prep and Deep Moisturizer daily.

Evening Before ContestBathe with Skin Prep, spray on Green Away. DO NOT apply lotion or deodorant. For a base tan, spray on one application of Hi-Def Color.

DIRECTIONSDay Of Competition Spray on Ultra 1 and smooth evenly over body with a Tanning Puff. Tan one body part at a time. For darker color reapply. Use Deep Moisturizer on tanning puff to blend color on problem areas and remove bikini adhesive. Spray on Jan Tana Glaze back stage. DO NOT bathe until after show.

More Information
2-3 Per 4 oz.
Shelf Life
3 years
1-2 People Per 4 oz.
Product size
4 oz.
When To Apply
The Day Of Competition
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