How do I select which tanning product I need?

For a sunless lotion select Fast Tan. For the "I have been at the beach for a week look", chose Natural Tan for the perfect Sun Kissed Tan. Natural Tan will make you look and feel like you have been on vacation!

    Do you have a tan I can apply for a quick immediate tan for special occasions?

    Competiton Tan is a dark body bronzer and will give an Immediate, deep, dark tan. You can tan all over or just tan the areas that will be show when dressed.

    What Day Should I Book My Tan?

    Book Your Tan The Day Before You Compete!

      How Many Applications of Color Will I Need?

      You Will Receive One Application As A Base Layer Of Color The DAY BEFORE The Show OR 4-5 Hours BEFORE The Show, Depending on If It Is A DAY Or A NIGHT Show..

      When Do I Apply Glaze/Oil?

      You Should Apply Glaze Oil Approximately 30 Min Before you Go On Stage. If You Have Purchased Our Services, We Will Apply Glaze For You!

        Can I Shower After My First Application Of Color?

        NO, You Can Not. No Showers Between The FIRST Application and The LAST Application.

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